Special Meeting May 25th

1416 votes FOR 
       5 votes AGAINST 

Ballots were counted twice and verified by Gregg Brock (Diamondhead resident ).

Ballot count was witnessed by the following residents:
Steve Friese (resident & board member)
John Harrison (resident & board member)
Gary Pritsch (resident & non board member)
Gregg Brock (resident & non board member)
Dan Dickerson (resident & board member )

An email will be sent out from the POA office on Tuesday,  May 28th with this information. 

To minimize the difficulties for members who wish to utilize a proxy in connection with the
upcoming DPOA special meeting on May 25, the Board president has modified the proxy
instructions. As an alternative to the notarization requirement, a member may attach and
submit a legible copy of his/her driver's license with the signed proxy.

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