Architectural Policies

Diamondhead Architectural Control

Whether you are new to our community or looking to upgrade your property, Diamondhead welcomes the opportunity and is here to assist in the planning and development of your home.

The Diamondhead Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Diamondhead Property Owners Association (POA).


The ACC holds the responsibility of maintaining the general harmony of construction projects within the Diamondhead Community, to include fire and pollution control. It is their task to review plans that have been submitted for new home construction, repair, improvement, and variances. They monitor major lot preparation of any type, including but not limited to clearing, landscaping, logging, and septic preparation.

The Committee may approve or disapprove plans and specification or variance requests to properties within the Community based on the Diamondhead Bill of Assurance or any other applicable building codes and regulations.

Current ACC Members are:      
    Mark Lane  


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