Developer Message

To all Community Members,

The special meeting held 5/25/24 for approval of new bylaws resulted in a vote of 1416 to 5 for the approval. There were many folks lined up within close proximity to the voting area making commands to individuals not to vote!This is a very unethical practice and may be considered a felony in certain jurisdictions. We have video of Charles Landrum stating he was harassing voters in the area to include the 19th Hole.There are a few members of the community that took this approach to try to coax people not to vote so that a quorum would not be achieved. Precedent within DRC is that all votes historically have used number of votes, not members to determine outcomes. We believe there was a quorum for the special meeting vote on 5/25/24.

The developer will be pausing to consider a number of strategic events that will occur over the remainder of 2024. We will be forming a new board of advisors to the developer, so if you are interested in serving please email Mark Lane at [email protected].

We will also be reviewing a new architectural plan to renovate and improve our entry and common areas for the next 50 years. That work product will hopefully be received by mid to late June. We will have an invitation only gathering to view the proposed ideas so if you would like to attend please reach out to Mark Lane at the email above. We will keep that meeting to a reasonable size but I will respond to all who are interested in attending.

We are also working with a potential buyer group who has tremendous experience in real estate development and home building. They would not consider coming to purchase this beautiful property if the developer were not in control. For those of you who are planning legal action against the POA, please keep that in mind. First, the action you may take will be causing your POA to spend funds needlessly. Next, this potential buyer is considering putting between four to seven million dollars into improvements within DRC. If there is legal action, they will not pursue this property. That would be a terrible mistake for DRC, which has many years of deferred maintenance that needs to be addressed. All community members should be aware of the stance of the vocal minority. They should be held accountable by the majority. Lastly, there is no Master Planned community within the USA that is not overseen and controlled by the developer until the build out of the community reaches 90% plus. We have been working to get DRC where every other selling community is over the last 5 years since we arrived here.

If you would like to discuss any of these items with me please reach out to the email above.

Mark L. Lane
Developer Representative