Election Committee

The Election Committee Wants You!



The Diamondhead Community continues to welcome many new property owners each year.    We thought it might be helpful to inform them of the process used to elect members to the community’s Board of Directors as well as to refresh the memory of those of us who have been property owners for a few years.

The Diamondhead Board of Directors is composed of nine property owners; each director serves a three-year term of office.  The Diamondhead Property Owners Association By-Laws require that each year three new members be elected to serve on the Board.  These newly elected members will replace the three members of the existing board whose terms are expiring that year.  This process attempts to guarantee a certain level of corporate memory is preserved by ensuring there are always 3 members with 2 years experience and 3 members with 1 year of experience on the board at all times.  Of the three newly elected directors, two must be resident property owners, while the third position is considered “at large”, meaning that either a resident or non-resident property owner can fill the post.  Occasionally, due to the resignation of one or more board members, there is a need to elect additional board member(s) to serve out the remaining term of the director(s) who resigned.  This year we will be electing seven (7) board members.

Each year the outgoing Board appoints the Election committee (formerly called the Nominating Committee). This committee, chaired by the Board’s Vice-President, is responsible for seeking out qualified candidates to be nominated for each open position in the upcoming yearly election.  There is no limit to the number of candidates who can be nominated.  The only requirement is that each nominee must have been a Diamondhead property owner for at least one year prior to the close of nominations, with all dues and fees current and not under suspension of privileges.  The close of the business day on the last work day prior to May 1st is the deadline for nomination of candidates.  After that date, nominations are closed. 

The list of candidates is formally announced to the membership in MayAdditionally, each person is introduced to the community at “Candidates Night”, held on the third Thursday of June.  Approximately the first work day in July, the ballots are mailed to property owners whose dues and fees are current.  Returned ballots must be postmarked prior to midnight, July 31st, and are counted in early August. The winners are formally announced and take their place as members of the Board at the annual meeting on the third Saturday evening in August. 

Even though Candidate’s Night in June seems far away, it will be here before we know it.  Since candidate resumes are due to the Election Committee in April, now is the time for each property owner to consider getting off the sidelines and putting their energy, enthusiasm and expertise to use by becoming a candidate for one of these open positions.  Our community needs dedicated and aggressive leadership so that we can continue moving forward.  

Mike Wynn               870-370-0518   

Dave Orel                501-276-6102

Gina Jennings         501-545-5249

Don Oseroff             501-609-5124

Katherine Pearce   501-617-4912